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  8. burazeri gledajte ovo,izbrisali ste mi acc, jer neki usrani marinko_puzigaca ima nekog svog druga admina i izbriso mi acc bez razloga! hocu acc natrag! nisam rpao nista slicnu! ime accounta stefan_pecikoza
  9. I think it was a reset with the forums and wiki , not exactly sure, i'm also wondering the same thing
  10. Can someone explain what is going on here and to the SAMP community?
  11. This is a natural upgrade of the map editor i've been working on, it has several important new features: - More optimizations - Support for import and export of removebuilding generated code lines - support for quick clipboard import - support for loading & displaying COLLISION meshes (when you are puzzled why there are holes in your map - remember if you turn this on, do it before loading the map & set ambient brightness to MINIMUM. ) - Multiple object selection support (you can move things with arrow movement keys, mouse movement of multiple objects does not yet work, neit
  12. Anti-cheat patches Objective: Southclaw and I have decided to keep a resource of anti-hack patches which can be easily integrated into your script. Every patch will follow some basic guidelines for implementation, as well as a description of the cheat which the patch prevents. Please keep in mind these are not designed to be an anti-cheat system addressing a complete system is really on an individual basis and often directly needs to be integrated into the gamemode it's self instead this patches are meant to build on your anti-cheat system by providing a means of quick implementation. G
  13. There is a bug in SA:MP where if you press G to enter a vehicle as a passenger and the driver drives away, you run after them and after 3 seconds you get teleported in regardless of how far away the vehicle is. This include fixes that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-Gt4n8Yx9k Tested hundreds of times, seems flawless. Download: https://pastebin.com/KxU52Y1k You will need the y_hooks include which is part of YSI. All you need to do is include it in your gamemode. Nothing else is required. Let me know if you find any problems with it! Thanks.
  14. Well, this is a cool thing to add to your server. This will remove attached objects to a player as that player is aiming. Then it will return them back. It only works for the SetPlayerAttachedObject feature, not the AttachObjectToPlayer feature. //This isn't a filterscript, nor an include. You must add this to your gamemode, etc.. //Change all SetPlayerAttachedObject(...) with SetPlayerAttachedObjectE(...), except the one I have not. //Change all RemovePlayerAttachedObject(...) with RemovePlayerAttachedObjectE(...), except the one I have not. //You are done. Be nice and do good work, r
  15. Introduction: This script monitors the OnVehicleMod callback to check for bad vehicle mod applying, so if a bad vehicle mod is applied and that vehicle cannot use the component, it will be removed and desynced. Now version 2.0, has protection for each vehicle. Download: https://pastebin.com/C5S4U48C Credits: SA-MP, IsPlayerInInvalidNosVehicle creator, and kurta999
  16. The below table lists some common client crash addresses which you can use to help trace the problem and prevent it from occurring in future. In most cases client crashes occur because of a problem in the script. Although, it is worth mentioning that SA-MP is pretty stable nowadays. FREQUENCY ADDRESS CAUSE SOLUTION Rare 0x00000000 SA-MP is not initializing. Re-install the game, ensure singleplayer works If you have any mods installed, remove them Rare 0x00
  17. Information contained in the SA-MP server structures are designed to be accessed using pawn, not by peeking and poking the server memory. Plugins are designed to extend pawn. If there is information that cannot be accessed by scripting, people should request it added to SA-MP's pawn scripting natives. 90% of the information held by the server can already be accessed using pawn. Memory addresses and structures within the SA-MP server change with every release, pawn natives do not. If a plugin is written to access specific memory addresses backward compatibility for server owners will be b
  18. Navigation Introduction This is not a C/++ help forum FAQ Quick questions Getting started Examining the code The module definition file What is "EXPORTS" Exported functions Defines and structures Amx functions Amx function examples Registering natives Getting a string and its length
  19. Lots of people have trouble while they are trying to use the downgrader patch. Some of them are just lazy,and some others don't have the basic knowledge of the computers. So,i decided to make a step by step tutorial,<How to downgrade you copy of GTA:San Andreas>. Step 1: First of all you have to download the patcher: Download Step 2: Now the download will be a zip file. The real patch is in that archive. Right click on gtasapatch.zip abd click on Extract all Click Next 3 times and you've extracted the file This is how the file shold look like: Step 3: Double click g
  20. An important client update (SA-MP 0.3.7-R4) is now available on the Download Page. > There is an exploit in the menu system. A malicious server operator could craft a custom packet which leads to a buffer overflow on the client. > Adds a fix which stops floating checkpoints on objects and vehicle exiting not working on objects while the car is upside down. > Changes the opcode exception handling for vehicle components so it displays the component ID which caused the exception. This update fixes the menu system exploit. 0.3.7 server operators should check the clie
  21. An optional client update SA-MP 0.3.7-R2 is now available on the Download Page. The 0.3.7-R2 client addresses a problem with the server browser where it was vulnerable to an IP spoofing attack. Servers could send fake information coming from other servers if they could guess when the client was querying them. Notes for server owners: The SA-MP query protocol is changed. If you are filtering the 'Port' section of the query packet with a firewall, you should remove this filter. Changes to PlayerPlaySound. There have been some changes to the way client's handle PlayerPlaySound. Sound I
  22. This update is for SA-MP server owners only Update 0.3.7 R2-2: - Changes the query flood control to deal with different query types independently. - Connection cookie logging is disabled by default. Downloads: Please review the SA-MP Services Agreement if you wish to run a public SA-MP server. SA-MP 0.3.7 R2-2 Linux Server: https://files.sa-mp.club/samp037svr_R2-2-1.tar.gz SA-MP 0.3.7 R2-2 Windows Server: https://files.sa-mp.club/samp037_svr_R2-2-1_win32.zip
  23. This update is for SA-MP server owners only - Adds protection against hackers who spam OnPlayerConnect messages. - Weapon ID checking after OnPlayerWeaponShot in case the script doesn't filter it. - Actors now default to being invulnerable (this might be needed later for a bandaid rotation fix in the client). - Adds console variable 'conncookies' (int) to disable the 0.3.7 connection cookie system. - Adds console variable 'cookielogging' to disable logging of connection cookies requested by newly connecting players. - Adds SHA256_PassHash() function for hashing player passwords.
  24. SA-MP 0.3.7 is released! You can find it on the Download page. SA-MP 0.3.7 Updates - Over 500 new object IDs added, including stunt objects and land objects. - Interface font size changing. - Some new variations of the San Andreas cop skins. - Server control of the car doors and windows. - The ability to add sirens for unmarked cop cars. - A simple static actor system to more easily create actor NPCs for shops. - Many bug fixes and new scripting features. Special thanks to Matite and GamerX server for contributing the new the object IDs. Thanks to everyone who tes
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