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  1. Hello everyone! Today marks the day of our server's official launch. Our server will be based on Medium-Heavy RP, so it can be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn or improve your RP skills! Recruiting: We are currently recruiting staff, such as Helpers, Community Advisors & 1 Chief Advisor. We're also recruiting faction leaders for: Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) & Fire Department of San Andreas (FDSA). Also, we have a few gang slots available so if you're willing to create your own gang, feel free to hit us up by (/report)ing. Two live recruitments to be held TODAY so don't miss out your chance. ;) We also have active staff who will always try to find the best solution to every single issue. What can you expect from us? Professionalism, it's that simple. Enough of the talking, let's get to what's really important! Server Name: Professional Roleplay Server IP: Our Discord: Click here or https://discord.gg/tNuEdq6v And last but not least, Welcome to Professional Roleplay! Professional Roleplay team,
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