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  1. Sorry guys, but I don't speak russian. I don't know what you are talking about.
  2. Hello guys, Whetstone Roleplay it's an English text based hard roleplay, we are currently under development and expecting to launch the full server at the half of February. And of course we are currently looking for members and serious staff with experience in hard roleplay that would like to be a part of the community and the server for a long time, we need one person who is very experienced in sa-mp server administration and coordination and has a good knowledge in the rules of hard roleplay, to be a part of the Management of the server, and if this position isn't good for you we are also looking for 2 Game Administrators and 2 Support Staff members. Whetstone it's a fictional state on our server that it's based on towns around the map of San Andreas, a list of the towns that are included in the Whetstone State are; Angel Pine Blueberry Dillimore Fort Carson El Quebrados Las Barrancas Las Payasadas Palomino Creek Montgomery Every town will have it's own mayors and it's own departments. The economy of every town it's based on what you do, whether you are living a peaceful life, working hard and paying taxes, or you choose to steal from the town's economy. Every piece of corruption in a town can bring it to poverty and making other go to other towns seeking better jobs and lives. If you have any questions regarding the development of the server or it's continuity ask, I will answer them in a Q and A form. I will update this topic later with an image containing the borders of the State Take care! Forum: https://forum.wt-rp.com UCP: https://ucp.wt-rp.com / under development
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