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Found 2 results

  1. Elite Roleplay Hello everyone! Elite Roleplay is an up-and-coming text roleplay server that aims to recreate communities such as LSRP and NGG and bring you the ultimate old school text-based roleplay experience on GTA V via RAGE Multiplayer, but on the GTA SA map that we all know and love. Recruiting: We're currently recruiting staff members. We're also recruiting for faction leader and members. Besides that, most factions are seeking members, therefore in this initial phase you may spot a chance in joining one via a live-recruitment or be handpicked by one of our leaders. Our Server Features: Event System V.I.P System - V.I.P Toys, Health Insurance, Gold Room & Vehicles System Housing System Business System Gang, Families & Factions System Server Updates Accessories/Toys for your character Active & helpful Staff And Much More..... Jobs: Detective Lawyer Whore Drug Dealer Mechanic Bodyguard Arms Dealer Boxer Taxi Driver Drug Smuggling Craftsman Trucker FAQ: Q1: When will ERP be open to join? Answer: ETA of 16th October 2021 Q2: Are you hiring for: Staff, Faction, Gang and Family Members? Answer: Yes we are! You can apply on our Discord server for them! Q3: Are you light, medium or heavy Roleplay Community? Answer: We are a Medium Roleplay community at the moment. Join Us: Server IP: Coming Soon! - Will be in the Discord (when announced) Discord Link: https://discord.gg/zGhG2zTf6n & https://discord.gg/kKMghMzwP6 And last but not least, Welcome to Elite Roleplay!
  2. Hello everyone, are you looking for SA-MP Roleplay servers in 2021 but couldn't find any? Visit our SA-MP Roleplay server CR:RP (Verbal Roleplay): Server's Website: ngg.is-geat.net (working on it) Why you should play on our server? ✔️Unique game server with NGRP/NGG database. ✔️Professional, friendly and helpful staff team. ✔️You can roleplay using our in-game voice chat feature which allows you to role-play and speak at the same time like in Grand Theft Auto V. ✔️You can roleplay with other players and have fun with experiencing various roleplay situations such as robberies, kidnapping situations, heists, shootouts, and much more action! ✔️You can find unique jobs to earn money (LSPD, LSFMD, Arms dealer, Drug Courier, Taxi, Farmer, Burglary, Mailman and much more!) ✔️You can modify vehicles in Mod Shops ✔️You can join gangs such as Hell Moga Mopeds, Groove Street Families, Bad Boys Society, Ganton Circle, Market BloCC Crips, Jefferson Street Families, Various Los Aztecasetc, 49th Tyrant Brotherhood, etc... and attack enemy gang's hood or defend your hoods to earn money. ✔️ Amazing fun events whenever players choose to (TDM, DM, Avoid the clown, Avoid the plane, etc...). ✔️Heists to do which is a feature from Grand Theft Auto V. ✔️ You can gamble and you can also win a car everyday from the casinos. ✔️ You can purchase a premium account and gain a lot of benefits. ✔️ Gyms, strip clubs, clothes shops, bars, ammu-nations, hidden packages, oyster, spray tags, horseshoes, money bags, money couriers, money zones and much more!
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