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  1. Elite Roleplay Hello everyone! Elite Roleplay is an up-and-coming text roleplay server that aims to recreate communities such as LSRP and NGG and bring you the ultimate old school text-based roleplay experience on GTA V via RAGE Multiplayer, but on the GTA SA map that we all know and love. Recruiting: We're currently recruiting staff members. We're also recruiting for faction leader and members. Besides that, most factions are seeking members, therefore in this initial phase you may spot a chance in joining one via a live-recruitment or be handpicked by one of our leaders. Our Server Features: Event System V.I.P System - V.I.P Toys, Health Insurance, Gold Room & Vehicles System Housing System Business System Gang, Families & Factions System Server Updates Accessories/Toys for your character Active & helpful Staff And Much More..... Jobs: Detective Lawyer Whore Drug Dealer Mechanic Bodyguard Arms Dealer Boxer Taxi Driver Drug Smuggling Craftsman Trucker FAQ: Q1: When will ERP be open to join? Answer: ETA of 16th October 2021 Q2: Are you hiring for: Staff, Faction, Gang and Family Members? Answer: Yes we are! You can apply on our Discord server for them! Q3: Are you light, medium or heavy Roleplay Community? Answer: We are a Medium Roleplay community at the moment. Join Us: Server IP: Coming Soon! - Will be in the Discord (when announced) Discord Link: https://discord.gg/zGhG2zTf6n & https://discord.gg/kKMghMzwP6 And last but not least, Welcome to Elite Roleplay!
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