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[HOW TO]Apply the downgrading patch

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Lots of people have trouble while they are trying to use the downgrader patch.
Some of them are just lazy,and some others don't have the basic knowledge of the computers.
So,i decided to make a step by step tutorial,<How to downgrade you copy of GTA:San Andreas>.

Step 1:
First of all you have to download the patcher:


Step 2:
Now the download will be a zip file.
The real patch is in that archive.
Right click on gtasapatch.zip abd click on Extract all
Click Next 3 times and you've extracted the file
This is how the file shold look like:

Step 3:
Double click gtasapatch.exe and this window should pop-up:
Click Next
Click Next
Now the patcher needs to know your GTA:San Andreas installation path
Like "C:\Program Files\:Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas"
Attention:Giving and incorrect path will result in a failure!
You can also click on "..." button to browse for GTA:SA
Click Next
Now the patcher will check for your GTA:SA version and it will patch it.

Now your GTA:SA is at version 1.0

Enjoy,and don't hesistate to ask if you got stuck somewhere!


Having a cracked version of San Andreas wil also result in a failure.
The crack modifies somethings in the executable and so it will make it an unknown version!
Also the Steam and Direct2Drive version are not supported!

The supported version are

USA 1.01
USA 2.00
EU 1.01
EU 2.00
GER 1.01
GER 1.00


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