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About memory hacking plugins (avoid them)


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Information contained in the SA-MP server structures are designed to be accessed using pawn, not by peeking and poking the server memory.

Plugins are designed to extend pawn. If there is information that cannot be accessed by scripting, people should request it added to SA-MP's pawn scripting natives. 90% of the information held by the server can already be accessed using pawn.

Memory addresses and structures within the SA-MP server change with every release, pawn natives do not. If a plugin is written to access specific memory addresses backward compatibility for server owners will be broken with every server update.
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You realize that "memory hacking plugins" (plugins which reference a specific memory address for whatever reason; usually a point of reference itself) will no longer be deprecated since SA-MP is no longer in development.

They are actually fine to use; the worst you'll do it crash your own server.

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