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Crash addresses: Reasons and Solutions


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The below table lists some common client crash addresses which you can use to help trace the problem and prevent it from occurring in future. In most cases client crashes occur because of a problem in the script. Although, it is worth mentioning that SA-MP is pretty stable nowadays.

0x00000000 SA-MP is not initializing. Re-install the game, ensure singleplayer works If you have any mods installed, remove them
0x006E3D17 Skin related. Often occurs when changing the skin of a player who is in a vehicle, or is just entering or exiting one. Ensure the player is on foot prior to changing their skin.
0x0058370A Hard to trace. Appears to be vehicle / camera related. Occured when the script attempted to put the player in a vehicle. The vehicle the player is being teleported into is not yet available and/or rendered in the world Wait a few hundred-ms before teleporting a player into a vehicle that is newly created. Another solution would potentially be to use SetCameraBehindPlayer prior to teleporting them to the vehicle.
0x0040F64C Issue in Windows 7 / Vista relating to permissions. Problem in the installer version that the SA-MP client uses Update to SA-MP 0.3d. If it still occurs rename your GTASA directory.
0x0059F8B4 Occurs when the client fails to load SA-MP objects. Usually a problem with one an essential file, samp.img being missing. Re-install the client. Try running the installer as Administrator if using Windows Vista / 7.
0x00746929 OR 0x0081214A Badly configured client side setting. Click
0x007F0BF7 Related to vehicle upgrades. Often caused when the server attempts to put an invalid upgrade on a vehicle (EG nos or spoilers on a motorbike). Other causes could be bad client side vehicle mods. There have been various scripts released on these forums which feature error checking for this.
0x00544BC8 Object related. Typically occurs when too many objects are showing for the client, i.e. more than what it can handle. One practical solution may be to use an object handler/streamer. Many streamers on these forums come with configuration settings to decrease the maximum amount of visible objects showing for a player at any given time
0x00415D47 Object related. Typically occurs when too many object textures are loaded for the client. Low-level problem that is hard to trace and fix. I think it's somehow related to collisions It occurs randomly depending on the object. Try to remove groups of objects and use the process of elimination to establish which objects are causing it and remove them from your mode.
0x00536DF4 Object related. Typically occurs when too many object textures are loaded for the client. See above.

Chat box warning codes

Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x5E5815 Difficult to trace. The method this address points to does a whole load of things. It processes animation blending based on the surface the ped is standing on and then deals with audio, and is called right after a function which *gives* you weapons... Perhaps what happened here is that some script-invoked event occurred right at the moment that you were entering a vehicle (e.g. receiving a weapon, teleporting or something similar). -
Exception 0x0000005 at 0x534134 Issue with Windows 7 / Vista Access levels Running SA-MP as administrator appear to fix it.
Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x544BC8 See 0x00544BC8 See 0x00544BC8
Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x536DF4 See 0x00544BC8 See 0x00544BC8
Exception 0xC0000005 at 0x7F120E Invalid vehicle upgrade applied Click
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