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SetPlayerAttachedObject - Aim Fix

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Well, this is a cool thing to add to your server. This will remove attached objects to a player as that player is aiming. Then it will return them back. It only works for the SetPlayerAttachedObject feature, not the AttachObjectToPlayer feature.

//This isn't a filterscript, nor an include. You must add this to your gamemode, etc..
//Change all SetPlayerAttachedObject(...) with SetPlayerAttachedObjectE(...), except the one I have not.
//Change all RemovePlayerAttachedObject(...) with RemovePlayerAttachedObjectE(...), except the one I have not.
//You are done. Be nice and do good work, return0 aka Einstein

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/qcxh26XX

Here is a video:

In order for it to work as it should, follow the instructions.

Any questions or concerns? Reply here!
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