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SA-MP 0.3.7 R2-1 server update

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This update is for SA-MP server owners only

- Adds protection against hackers who spam OnPlayerConnect messages.
- Weapon ID checking after OnPlayerWeaponShot in case the script doesn't filter it.
- Actors now default to being invulnerable (this might be needed later for a bandaid rotation fix in the client).
- Adds console variable 'conncookies' (int) to disable the 0.3.7 connection cookie system.
- Adds console variable 'cookielogging' to disable logging of connection cookies requested by newly connecting players.
- Adds SHA256_PassHash() function for hashing player passwords.

SQLite stuff:
- The sqlite functions db_open and db_query now return indexes (starting at 1) instead of memory handles. That means the server tracks the memory handles internally and won't crash if invalid handles are used.
- Several extra sqlite db_* functions have been added. Please see the a_sampdb.inc for a full list.
- Adds %q to format(). %q is the same as %s although the input will first be passed through sqlite's string escaping function.
- Adds console variable 'db_logging'. Logs sqlite db_* function errors to the main server_log.
- Adds console variable 'db_log_queries'. Logs all sqlite db_query() calls including the query string.

Server variable system (SVars):
- The SVar system is the same as the PVars, although the variables created are server-wide, not attached to any playerid, and persist through gamemode changes.

The pawn functions intended to read console/config variables (GetServerVarAs*) have been deprecated due to a naming conflict with the SVar system. These functions will still work for the time being. Moving forward it's recommended you rename these functions as listed below:
native GetConsoleVarAsString(const varname[], buffer[], len);
native GetConsoleVarAsInt(const varname[]);
native GetConsoleVarAsBool(const varname[]);
Update 0.3.7 R2-1:

- Adds null value checks to sqlite db_get*. These functions would crash on invalid rows or field names.
- Updates SHA256_PassHash() sha256 implementation to fix a padding problem.
- Fixes an index problem with PVars and SVars where *GetUpperIndex would return 1 when all vars had been deleted.


SA-MP 0.3.7 R2-1 Linux Server: https://files.sa-mp.club/samp037svr_R2-1.tar.gz
SA-MP 0.3.7 R2-1 Windows Server: https://files.sa-mp.club/samp037_svr_R2-1-1_win32.zip
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